Good Day

Good Day

How do u expect me to change and respect you when you don’t respect me ? You tell me that you regret adopting me and that I fucked up your life the. Let me love with my other mom I don’t care anymore I just wanna leave

Things are Never gonna change

I noticed things are never gonna change in this house. Same bullshit & drama everyday I’m alone at the end of the day. No one cares they worry about themselves I’m the only one that’s not over 18 & my mom only cares about herself & her boyfriend. I don’t have a connection with her.. I literally cried so much begging her I wanted to have a relationship with her but all she cares about is me doing chores !! There’s only so much I can do. She’s not really my mom she’s my aunt I was adopted by her cause my dad died & my mom was a drug user.. I never really felt like someone actually cared for me in this family.. I wanna run away just somewhere far pack my things and not tell anyone where I go. I want a break

It’s sad that your idol knows who you are but yet ignores you hmm. What a sad day. No one feels me

You only got one life LIVE IT

You only have one life do what you wanna do . Do what makes you happy dont regret nothin fall In love fall out of love every moment counts right now is the age to explore & did new things ! Don’t stay home go outside play basketball or something you only got ONE LIFE live it !!!

Such an amazing women <3333 I love her !!!

Such an amazing women <3333 I love her !!!

Prayer Circle for Lea Michele…Reblog to show your love and support for Lea in her time of grief.



She is just ruined right now. She is running out of tears. One thing she has done is that she has called his voicemail a couple of times to hear his voice. It is as heart wrenching as it sounds.” ~Hollywood Life about Lea




I love them both so much. 

Media is saying that Cory’s death will probably be forgotten as the media of the Royal Baby occurs but I will never forget. We will never forget. Tumblr will never forget. We are a family.